You might not realize it but hearing loss is one of the most widespread physical health issues after arthritis and heart disease. An astonishing one in three people suffer from age-related hearing loss from the age of 65 onwards, and there are over 50 million people in the country that report suffering from tinnitus.

Unfortunately, while hearing loss is so common, seeking treatment for it is not. The statistics suggest that those with gradual hearing loss can wait up to seven years to eventually get treatment, by which stage their condition could be a long way down the road.

Partly, this is due to people’s dislike of going for medical treatment, but it’s also down to a lack of knowledge. So, if you haven’t had your hearing tested for some time, here are three of the biggest reasons why you might want to reconsider.

It’s been a while

As we mentioned above, it can be a long time before people take action on a particular condition. But part of this reason is due to the fact that people tend not to worry about their hearing as much as they do their general health. The trouble is that something like gradual hearing loss is virtually unnoticeable on a day-to-day basis, and it can take a long time for people to realize they have a problem. The only real solution is to ensure you are having regular check-ups with an audiologist. It’s a little like taking your car for an annual service, only you can always buy a new set of wheels if you realize it’s a write-off. Your hearing, however, may not be so replaceable.

You have problems

Don’t sleep on any problems with your ears, hearing or balance – it may only get worse without the proper treatment. Audiologists treat a huge range of conditions, from tinnitus and hearing loss through to vertigo and earwax blockages. And it’s vital that you know what you are suffering from so that you can focus on finding the correct solution and treatment. Hearing conditions like tinnitus can be incredibly debilitating, and the sooner you get checked out the more comfortable your lifestyle will be in the future.

You are unsure

Don’t know whether you should pay your audiologist a visit? Worried that people sound like they are mumbling all the time, or wondering what that whistling noise is that disturbs you when you try and get to sleep at night? You could go to your doctor, but the likelihood is that any problem with your hearing, inner ear and balance is likely to be referred to your audiologist. If you are unsure about visiting your hearing specialist, we recommend going for it. Not only will it put your mind at rest if nothing is wrong, but it will also ensure that your hearing health is up to scratch.

Your hearing plays an important role in your life, and there is plenty of help out there should you need it. But unless you start the ball rolling by visiting your audiologist, nothing will ever improve and you run the risk of allowing your condition to worsen unnecessarily.