Hearing tests are very common and they take place all the time. However, some people have never taken a hearing test and do not know what to expect while taking one. Knowing what to expect at a hearing test can help to alleviate any anxiety you may be experiencing prior to taking your hearing test.

Here are four things to expect at a hearing test.

1. An exam of your ears

Before the audiologist administers your hearing test, they will most likely take a look in your ears. The purpose of doing this is to check to make sure that your ears look normal and that there are not any obvious issues. For example, the audiologist will check to make sure that your eardrums look normal and that there are no earwax buildups.

2. Medical history

Just like at other doctor’s appointments, you will most likely have to fill out forms which discuss your medical history for your audiologist. The purpose of providing your audiologist with your medical history is to give them a better understanding of the big picture of your health. Knowing your medical history also allows the audiologist to understand whether or not you have certain illnesses that could be relevant for your appointment.

3. The test will be administered

After your ears have been inspected and your medical history has been provided and discussed, the audiologist will most likely then administer the hearing tests. There’s a wide variety of hearing tests that your audiologist may have you undergo. Which hearing test they choose for you will depend largely on the nature of your symptoms. Many hearing tests involve listening to various types of noises and seeing how well you can hear them.

4. Discussion of the results

In most cases, the audiologist should be able to interpret the results of your hearing tests very quickly. After viewing your results, the audiologist will discuss them with you. During this discussion, your audiologist may provide you with a diagnosis. Depending on the diagnosis, your audiologist may then recommend various treatments for you.

If you don’t understand something or are concerned about your results, don’t hesitate to discuss these issues with your audiologist. The audiologist is your partner in hearing care and they want you to feel comfortable with and confident in their services.