Hearing loss is becoming more and more of an issue thanks to awareness being raised about the situations that we expose ourselves to that could seriously harm our hearing. In fact, most people don’t realize when they even have hearing loss, meaning their lifestyle or well-being could be harmed.

To help you identify the situations in which you need ear protection, we’re going to give you four straightforward examples to potentially slow down your own hearing loss.

When You Work on a Construction Site or Another Loud Area

If you work on a construction site or an equally loud environment for your job, then you’ll want to wear ear protection to guard yourself against the loud noises you’ll experience. This hearing protection is usually handled by your employer. They should provide you with things like ear muffs to help protect you from loud noises, so make sure you speak to your employer if they aren’t already. If they refuse to give you the right protection, then you do have the right to complain and potentially sue them for neglecting your safety.

When Taking Part in Loud Recreational Activities Such as at a Shooting Range

Certain loud recreational activities, such as playing loud music at a party or shooting at a range, will require the use of earplugs or a similar device to block out the hearing. Loud, short bursts of sound such as a gun firing are damaging to your ear and it’s important that you protect your hearing against these issues. Some firing ranges will provide you with ear protection, but it’s best to bring your own. If there are recreational activities that you partake in on a regular basis, then it’s best to purchase some earplugs that will help protect your hearing.

When Using Power Tools Such as a Chainsaw or Leaf Blower

If you have loud tools such as a chainsaw or leaf blower, then it’s a good idea to purchase ear protection to reduce the chances of the loud noises affecting your hearing. Make sure you don’t use power tools without ear protection because the loud, sustained noises can damage your hearing severely especially if you are exposed to it on a regular basis. Even if you are only using these tools occasionally, it’s best to focus on protecting your hearing.

When Riding a Loud Vehicle in the Open Such as a Motorcycle

Did you know that the sound caused by the wind at high speeds is enough to damage your hearing? All it takes is a simple pair of earplugs to help reduce the chances of your motorcycle riding (or any other loud vehicle) damaging your ears. Not only does the wind become loud and damaging to your ear, but the sound of the engine revving can also cause mild hearing loss that can grow severe over time.