Before you even start thinking about taking your ears for granted, you should know that hearing loss is one of the most irreversible health conditions out there. To make matters worse, hearing loss is on the rise at an alarming rate. In addition, hearing problems are not only traumatizing for the victim, but also frustrating as they complicate your social life and even put your relationship with your loved ones at risk. Nonetheless, since prevention is better than cure, this article seeks to show you the leading causes of hearing loss.  

If you have lost your hearing, then you do not have to worry too much. There are strategies in place that can help you keep your communication intact. This article seeks to help you identify the leading causes of hearing loss. 

Causes of hearing loss 

Hearing loss can be caused by several different conditions. From illnesses and age to genetics, the causes of hearing loss are numerous.  For many years, our modern lifestyle has created a horde of ear-damaging causes to the list that includes loud music and medications. Though, according to experts, here are the leading causes of hearing loss in 2016.  

1. Age 

Taking the number one spot, age comes with a lot of complications that includes hearing loss. For every one out of four people in the age group of 65-74, there is a case of hearing loss. This ratio increases as people age. Research claims that old age causes hearing loss because of years of exposure to damaging factors such as noise. 

2. Noise  

Exposure to loud and continuous noise wears down the hearing. Our ears are heavily exposed to noise at work places and even at home. According to research, 48 percent of plumbers and 44 percent of carpenters report some hearing loss way before they retire. Some of the noisy workplaces in the U.S. include mining, the military, agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation. 

Even musicians are not exempted from this exposure, yet they literary make music for our ears. Most of the musicians now wear earplugs to help protect them from hearing loss. The earplugs are specially made to help them hear music without affecting the inner workings of the ears. 

3. Certain medications 

Impaired hearing can be caused by some medications as well. Over 200 medications have chemicals that trigger hearing loss and cause side effects. These drugs include antibiotics, aspirin, chemotherapy drugs and erectile dysfunction drugs. Loop diuretics, which are used for malaria treatment, can also cause hearing loss.

4. Sudden hearing loss 

Sudden hearing loss can occur in hours or even seconds when you lose over 30 decibels of your hearing ability. Nonetheless, it mostly affects one side of the ear. Cases of almost 4,000 sudden hearing losses have been witnessed in a year in 2015. 

5. Certain illnesses 

Certain health conditions have been identified to cause hearing loss. These conditions include high blood pressure, heart diseases, and diabetes. These diseases put your ears at risk by increasing or reducing your ear blood flow.  

6. Trauma 

Trauma, mostly caused by accidents, put the ears at risk of suffering from hearing loss. Earwax can also block your ear canal and hence reduce your ability to hear. 

Talk with your hearing care provider if you are concerned you might have hearing loss. If you do not have a hearing health professional, don’t hesitate to find one in your area and schedule an appointment. Hearing loss can impact your overall wellbeing, so it’s important to address it as soon as possible!