Purchasing a hearing aid is an investment of money well spent. The device is an even better value when it lasts a long time.

A few basic tips make a material difference to how well your device functions and for how long. In the same way a vehicle needs routine maintenance such as putting air in the tires, so caring for your hearing device will pay you back with improved function.

Here are our six top tips on caring for your hearing aid.

#1: Stay Away from Steam

Take your hearing device out of your ear before getting in the shower. In fact, go one step further. Take the device out and leave it in a warm (not hot) room well away from steam.

Water vapor or condensation is the enemy of the small electrical contacts inside a hearing device. When moisture gets inside the casing, it leads to corrosion and intermittent function. This is easily avoided by putting your device in a different room when taking a shower.

#2: Soft Cloth Clean

Every day, wipe the device over with a clean, soft cloth. Pay particular attention to dials and switches, where debris accumulates during the day. Also, wipe over the tubing and ear mold, and check them for wax and condensation. This removes the natural oils that transfer from your skin to the device, which could attract dust or dirt that would eventually clog up the controls

#3: Work on Wax

Look closely to check for wax in the ear mold. Using a special tool, remove out any wax deposits, carefully flicking them out of the tube rather than pushing them deeper. Avoid problems by doing this every day, preventing a big build up causes whistling.

Another great idea to reduce wax ingress is to clean your ears regularly. Your audiologist can give you advice on how to do this safely and effectively.

#4: Battery Breather

At the end of each day, take the battery out and leave the compartment housing open. This allows any minute traces of condensation to evaporate while you’re sleeping. This is especially important in the battery compartment, as corrosion leads to poor contact and a drop in efficiency.

#5: Hearing Device Dehumidifier

In case you hadn’t realized, humidity and hearing aids don’t mix. A great way to protect your device is to store it overnight in a hearing aid dehumidifier. When not in use simply pop the device into one of these inexpensive devices, and it will guard it against moisture ingress.

#6: Put in Place Last

When getting ready in the morning, the last thing to put in place should be your hearing device. This helps keep it away from aerosols and sprays, such as perfume, deodorant, or hairspray which could potentially damage your device.

If you have questions about the care of your device, remember your audiologist will be delighted to help.