If you’re experiencing a ringing in your ear then chances are, you’re experiencing some form of tinnitus. This is a very common issue that most people will experience in their life. This sound can be a ringing, hissing, a ding, or any other sort of sound that isn’t coming from an external source. This guide will help you understand what tinnitus is and how a hearing care provider can assist with treating tinnitus.

Is tinnitus common?

Tinnitus is a very common hearing condition that affects nearly 32 percent of the United States population. There are many ways that an individual can get tinnitus such as from lifestyle choices to aging. Tinnitus is very common and everyone will experience it once in their life as it’s something that can temporarily occur when being exposed to loud noise.

Is tinnitus dangerous?

Tinnitus isn’t dangerous, but if left untreated it can make some people fall into depression or get a lack of sleep. There are many reasons why tinnitus can occur and it can be used as a signal or a side effect of other changes that are going through the body. Tinnitus can occur from something as mild as an earwax blockage but it could be a signal of something else occurring such as a tumor. It’s very important to see a hearing specialist if tinnitus is occurring longer than one week as these extended periods could cause the tinnitus to get worse if left untreated.

Is tinnitus permanent?

While it can vary per person and situation, there may be a chance that tinnitus could be permanent. Some people can experience tinnitus for short periods such as a week while others can have it for the rest of their life. The severity of tinnitus will depend on the treatment that the patient will receive. Many can go on with their lives just easily ignoring it.

Is there a cure for tinnitus?

There isn’t any cure for tinnitus as this is something that is caused by an underlying cause. Depending on the cause, it can be cured or treated. So, there’s the chance that the tinnitus can go away. However there isn’t a guarantee, but treatments are available to reduce the severity of it.

What treatments can be used for tinnitus?

Your local hearing health professional can help either by giving a series of tests or doing a checkup for your ears. This will help determine whether it’s earwax build-up for an underlying issue. Some of the treatments that can be done for tinnitus can include;

  • Masking Hearing aids, allow tinnitus to be less noticeable.
  • Earwax removal is the most common occurrence for tinnitus.
  • Retaining therapy is an effective treatment where the patient will see a hearing care provider for one to two years regularly.
  • Lifestyle changes, including cutting out medication, stopping alcohol consumption, and smoking habits.

How can I prevent tinnitus?

It’s best to wear ear protection when you expect to be exposed to loud noise for long periods. While it may be difficult, cover your ears if you’re going to be exposed to unexpected loud sounds. Also, be sure to schedule a regular hearing test with your local hearing specialists.

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