Are you about to start wearing hearing aids or have you recently acquired a pair of hearing aids? Life with hearing aids is very different and many people find that they feel a lot more comfortable and confident when their ability to hear clearly is restored. If you’re waiting for a call from your audiologist to say that your hearing aids are ready or you’ve recently started using devices to help you hear, here’s a guide to life with hearing aids.

Getting used to your hearing aids

If you’ve been struggling to keep track of what’s going on in meetings at work or you find it difficult to converse with others when you’re out and about, you may be looking forward to life with a hearing aid. Although it’s very common to enjoy noticeable benefits as soon as you put your hearing aids in, it is worth noting that it can take a few days to get used to these advanced devices. In the first few weeks or so, make an effort to wear your hearing aids every day, try them out in different settings and environments and keep the volume at a fairly low level to enable yourself to adjust to your new world.

The benefits of wearing hearing aids

Once you’re accustomed to wearing hearing aids, hopefully, you should find that there are multiple benefits. When your hearing is improved, you’ll feel more confident in social settings, you’ll be able to keep up in conversations and you’ll have a better appreciation of the world around you. You can enjoy watching movies, listening to music and even simple pleasures like talking to the assistant in the store or ordering a meal at a restaurant without feeling anxious. Wearing hearing aids amplifies sounds, but it also increases confidence and improves wellbeing.

Taking care of your hearing aids

When you have hearing aids, you’ll need to take good care of them. It’s crucial to keep your hearing aids clean to enable you to hear as clearly as possible. It’s also important to change the batteries when they are flat and to store your hearing aids in a safe place when you take them out. Your audiologist will show you how to clean your devices and replace old batteries. If you have any problems with your hearing aids, it’s best to get in touch with your audiologist.

When to wear your hearing aids

Many people find it beneficial to wear their hearing aids throughout the day, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a short break if you’re relaxing at home and you don’t need your devices. Most people don’t sleep with their hearing aids in place.

Are you preparing to enjoy a new lease of life with hearing aids? Hearing aids can have an incredibly positive impact on confidence levels and quality of life, but they take a little getting used to. When you have your hearing aids fitted, your audiologist will show you how to take care of them, how to program them and how to store them properly. If you have any questions, you need advice about adjusting to your hearing aids or you’re concerned that you’re not getting the best out of your hearing aids, don’t hesitate to call your audiologist.