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Do you need hearing aid repairs ? It’s easy to forget but these devices are quite vulnerable to damage. That’s an issue, particularly when you consider that modern designs are about as complex as miniature computers. One of the questions you will need to consider is whether you can complete repairs yourself or if you will need the help of

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People with hearing loss are regularly encouraged to attend hearing aid fittings. A hearing aid fitting is a process in which a hearing health professional helps you to select and set up a hearing aid. But what exactly happens during these sessions? And how do audiologists fit assistive hearing devices ? Let’s look: You’ll discuss different styles and technologies Hearing

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Since the very first electric hearing aid was invented over 100 years ago, individuals with hearing loss have made use of this fantastic piece of technology.  One thing that often can go overlooked is the maintenance of the hearing device . We look today at whether or not performing some daily maintenance on your hearing aid can help you avoid

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Despite proper maintenance, sometimes our hearing aids need that professional touch. There are specific issues that can occur with your hearing device that will require your audiologist. We are going to look at today at a few of these issues and what to listen out for. Feedback Issues As many of us know, feedback issues with a hearing device can

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Maintaining healthy ears should be a priority for everyone. After all, clear hearing is one of the greatest gifts that any of us possesses. Unfortunately, once it has gone, repairing the damage is virtually impossible. Even hearing aids won’t always restore perfect clarity. If that doesn’t encourage you to take more responsibility in this aspect of your health, nothing will.

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