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Visiting an audiologist is like going to your general practitioner or dentist. You can book appointments over the phone, website or app if they have one. You can also check Google for reviews and ask others if they have used them before. Google provides business details in addition to client reviews, so it's an excellent source of helping you to

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As we age, hearing loss appears gradually, but sometimes it happens suddenly. If you experience hearing loss, see your audiologist to find out the cause and get advice on when to go for specialist treatment .  Common Signs Include:  Listening to others and misinterpreting what they are saying, especially in noisy places  Asking people to repeat themselves  Talking out loud

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Your hearing aids are important to you and your day to day life. And that’s why you should go the extra mile to ensure they’re taken care of to the best of your ability. If you’re not sure exactly what you should be doing to care for your hearing aids properly , you’re in the right place. The four tips

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Hearing aids are designed as a support for your hearing. They cannot make you hear if you are deaf, and you do not need them if your hearing is intact. They are there to enhance the hearing that you do have and allow you to hear beyond that to be able to live your life day to day without too

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Most people will experience some form of hearing loss in their lifetime, whether it is gradual, sudden, temporary or permanent. Hearing loss can be caused by hereditary issues, the aging process, loud noise exposure and ototoxic medication, as well as various illnesses and diseases. Seeking the help of an audiologist can provide you with the diagnostic testing you need to

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