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As complex as your hearing aid devices might be, it's the much simpler battery that's a common culprit behind many of the most common issues and malfunctions. Besides cleaning and the proper storage of the device, learning a little battery care is essential. Here are a few tips from your hearing health professional on how to treat those hearing aid

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When you lose your hearing, or you notice a significant change in the quality of your hearing, it can impact on your quality of life. Sometimes, you may worry about the choices you have, or feel embarrassed – this can often mean that you avoid seeking treatment for quite some time. However, the best course of action for you, when

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A hearing aid fitting is a significant step in the whole hearing aid buying process. This is where your hearing health professional will actually fit the device. You’ll also be told how to look after your hearing aids and shown how to use the different settings/features. Attending your first hearing aid fitting can feel a little daunting, but there’s really

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If your hearing aid suddenly stops working - or your notice part of it has broken off or become damaged - then it’s vital that hearing aid repairs are carried out. Understandably, you may have no clue how to handle these, which is why we’ve written this post! Below, you’ll find a few troubleshooting tips that will help you handle

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Knowing when you might need a new hearing aid is essential. Properly calibrated hearing aids help you to hear the conversations around you, avoid depression and may prevent the development of cognitive decline in older age. So what signs indicate that you might need a new hearing aid? You’re finding it hard to hear people If you don’t currently have

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