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If you’re a hearing aids user, maintaining their performance is vital as you look to enjoy greater clarity on a long-term basis. Feedback (that unwanted screeching or whistling sound) is one of the most common issues reported to audiologists. Finding ways to stop those issues will aid daily activities, prevent headaches, and decelerate future damage. Here are four methods that

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Getting yourself fitted for a hearing aid is the important last step when you're transitioning from being hard of hearing/deaf to having your hearing restored/augmented. This important event will be successful based on the actions of three key players: the patient, the audiologist, and the manufacturer. Here is a summary of the most important actions that two of these participants need to

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Hearing aid repairs are never ideal for any device owner. Whether it’s something minor that can be fixed at your audiologist’s office, or a more extreme hearing aid repair that needs to be sent back to the manufacturer, this can hinder your day-to-day life. Part of avoiding hearing aid repairs is properly maintaining and caring for your devices. There are

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Buying a hearing aid is a long and drawn-out process, but for good reason. You need to ensure that your hearing aid fits perfectly in or on your ear and you also need to buy one that is tuned to your needs. All of these requirements should be discussed with your audiologist, but it’s still a good idea to learn

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If your hearing aids have stopped working, or you are having issues with the devices, you might be looking into hearing aid repairs. Hearing aid repairs can solve many issues from low volume or what appears to be a completely dead device. However, before you rush off to get a repair from an audiologist, you might want to consider trying

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