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If you are dealing with tinnitus, you are more than likely looking at how to deal with it before it feels like it's going out of control. No one wants to deal with the buzzing, ringing, ticking or beeping that comes with tinnitus. The problem is that most people know what tinnitus is but don't fully understand what the treatment

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There’s a good chance that you’ve experienced tinnitus before, even if you couldn’t put a name to the condition. Some of us experience it as a ringing, others as a buzzing . For some it can sound like a clicking while others may hear it as a humming. When we’re trying to get to sleep, tinnitus can keep us awake.

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After speaking to an audiologist, you might have discovered that you have an issue with tinnitus . Tinnitus is a condition where the patient hears noises from inside their ear rather than external sources. It is an irritating issue and one that is quite common. Approximately ten percent of people suffer from some form of tinnitus. This should tell you

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It’s midnight and pitch black. But you’re wide-awake, growing increasingly frustrated that the whistling in your ears won’t let you sleep. Tinnitus is an unpleasant and intrusive condition. There is unlikely to be one single answer to living with tinnitus, but a number of strategies combined together often nibbles away at the problem, enough to make a considerable positive difference

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Tinnitus can be everything from a temporary “ringing” in the ears after exposure to a loud sound (like a gunshot or car backfire) that is only slightly annoying to a 24-hour-a-day, long-term condition that causes serious distress. Tinnitus is a symptom, it is not a disease. It refers to hearing sounds that aren’t present in the environment. People with tinnitus

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