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One of the easiest ways to prevent hearing loss is by wearing ear protection. Effectively, ear protection products help limit the amount of noise your ears meet. With the right product, you can prevent exposure to loud sounds and keep your hearing intact.  How do you find the best ear protection ? Well, you have lots of options, so here

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It is widely known that when sound reaches a certain level, it can be harmful to hearing. Eight-five decibels is the safe threshold; noise over this level has the potential to over time, cause hearing loss. To prevent against this, those who are regularly exposed to loud noise must use ear protection to help guard the health of their hearing. 

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There are several different causes for hearing loss , but one of the most prolific is continued exposure to loud noise.  When the ear is exposed to sounds in excess of 85 decibels, hair cells in the inner ear can be harmed. These hair cells are an integral part of the hearing system, and when they begin to deteriorate or

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Hobbies are a regular part of life for many people, and offer great benefits to overall quality of life and enjoyment.  However, some hobbies can mean being subjected to very loud noise, sometimes for a sustained period of time. Given that any sound over 85 decibels can cause damage to hearing health , wearing ear protection when engaging in the

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Protecting your hearing is more important than ever. With the proliferation of earbuds and loud music, more people are suffering from noise-induced hearing loss than ever before. However, loud music isn’t the only culprit for this preventable hearing loss. Many work environments, household chores and daily activities can also put people at risk for having noise-induced hearing loss. As such,

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