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A hearing health professional is someone who is a specialist in all avenues of hearing health care and hearing loss prevention. They're not only required to have a degree in their field, but they must also have several years of training and the right credentials in place to be able to practice in their field. It's for this reason that

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Hearing loss can affect anyone – no matter what their age, lifestyle or occupation. So, it’s important to know what the most common signs are, the causes and what you should do when you start to notice them. There are two main types of hearing loss:  Conductive : This happens as a result of a blockage (such as earwax), which

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When you visit the audiologist for a hearing test , then it may be obvious that you have concerns about your hearing. However, if you’ve never experienced one before, then you might not know what to expect or just how helpful they can be. Here, we’re going to look at a few facts about hearing tests that more patients should

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Tinnitus is a prevalent symptom of a wide range of underlying conditions. Most of us experience tinnitus at some time in our lives. Every time we go from a noisy environment like a nightclub or a concert into a quiet space, we may hear the familiar ringing and roar of tinnitus. When we have a particularly stressful day at work

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Ear wax is what lubricates and protects the ear, so it’s something that is essential for our general health and wellbeing. Ear wax is said to have natural antibacterial properties that protects the ear from infections, and you can get dry and itchy ears if you don’t have enough wax. However, ear wax and debris can build up over time,

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