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Many people who clean their ears go digging with cotton swabs and sticks. They're easy to buy, they're marketed for cleaning ears and so people use them. However, using cotton swabs inside your ears can actually cause more harm than good – from irritation to rupture of the eardrum. Most people are also misusing them; they're supposed to clean the

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More people than ever before are aware of the consequences of hearing being damaged. We know more now than we used to and we know that people are aware that losing hearing isn't just something that happens to the seniors out there. The good news is that plenty can be done to protect your hearing and that's ear protection .

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If you are suffering from tinnitus , you might be wondering if there is anything that an audiologist can do for you. Tinnitus is a constant or intermittent ringing or sound in your ears and it can have a significant impact on your life. If you are starting to experience negative impacts on your day to day living, you should

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Hearing tests are rarely seen as part and parcel of standard ‘good health’ maintenance. However, these tests are an invaluable tool that can provide important, detailed information, so it is well worth considering whether undergoing a hearing test might be the right choice for you. The need for regular hearing tests It is generally recommended that those over the age

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Hearing loss is most commonly associated with the aging process and there is no doubt this connection is based in fact. As people age, the hair cells of their inner ear can become damaged or die, resulting in hearing loss. However, not all instances of hearing loss are caused by age alone. In fact, noise causes several cases of hearing

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