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The idea of arranging a hearing test with an established audiologist anywhere in the world can create nervousness and anxiety in some people. That makes sense if you’ve never been for an assessment of that nature before because you’re unsure what to expect. However, some FAQs on this page should help to set the record straight and ensure you leave

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Hearing loss is becoming more and more of an issue thanks to awareness being raised about the situations that we expose ourselves to that could seriously harm our hearing. In fact, most people don’t realize when they even have hearing loss, meaning their lifestyle or well-being could be harmed. To help you identify the situations in which you need ear

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You might not realize it but hearing loss is one of the most widespread physical health issues after arthritis and heart disease. An astonishing one in three people suffer from age-related hearing loss from the age of 65 onwards, and there are over 50 million people in the country that report suffering from tinnitus. Unfortunately, while hearing loss is so

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Tinnitus is a term covering a range of symptoms, all of them related to hearing noise without an outside source to explain them. Tinnitus can be caused by a wide range of complex factors or one specific cause, but individual cases can differ widely. If you think you have tinnitus, visiting an audiologist can be key in helping you figure

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Hearing aids are life-changing devices for millions of Americans. Unfortunately, most audiologists encounter many patients that fail to reap the full benefits. In many cases, this is due to damaged products. When this occurs, restoring them to perfect condition should be top of the agenda. Various faults can occur. So, learning how to troubleshoot the most common issues will point

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