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As we age, hearing loss appears gradually, but sometimes it happens suddenly. If you experience hearing loss, see your audiologist to find out the cause and get advice on when to go for specialist treatment .  Common Signs Include:  Listening to others and misinterpreting what they are saying, especially in noisy places  Asking people to repeat themselves  Talking out loud

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Do you suspect that you may have some form of hearing loss ? If so, it is imperative to get in touch with an audiologist sooner rather than later so that you can book an appointment. A lot of people have it won’t happen to me feeling when it comes to hearing loss.  They assume that this is something that

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Your hearing aids are important to you and your day to day life. And that’s why you should go the extra mile to ensure they’re taken care of to the best of your ability. If you’re not sure exactly what you should be doing to care for your hearing aids properly , you’re in the right place. The four tips

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If you’ve been diagnosed with tinnitus and you’re wondering how it might be treated, you’re in the right place. The first thing to know is that, yes, there are many different ways tinnitus and its symptoms can be treated. It’s about finding the one that’s most effective for you, and that’s something your audiologist can help you with. Although there’s

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The purpose of a hearing test is to create a snapshot of your hearing health at the time of the test. This snapshot can be used on its own to diagnose any immediate hearing issues . It can also form part of a longer-term record of your hearing health. This allows hearing health professionals to track changes. Here are four

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