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Before you even start thinking about taking your ears for granted, you should know that  hearing loss  is one of the most irreversible health conditions out there. To make matters worse, hearing loss is on the rise at an alarming rate. In addition, hearing problems are not only traumatizing for the victim, but also frustrating as they complicate your social life and even put your

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Ah, the chill in the air, the fall colors, hayrides, pumpkin patches! It’s a great time of year, autumn. Soon we’ll be pulling out the scarves and mittens to keep warm. Don’t forget the earmuffs and hats! Fall weather means lower temperatures, which can have an effect on different parts of your body, including your ears. Also, some people experience

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Hearing loss occurs for a number of reasons, but the majority of these reasons can actually be prevented. Over time, exposure to loud noise can damage the sensitive nerve endings in your ear that are responsible for changing sound waves into meaning. By protecting your ears , you’re taking a step to prevent this damage from happening in the first

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If you think you may be experiencing hearing loss, the first step in getting yourself checked out should be making an appointment with your general physician. Your doctor will ask you a few questions and conduct an examination to rule out any obvious or easily remedied problems that could be contributing to your impaired hearing. This quick and painless examination

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Tinnitus is known as the ringing or buzzing in the ear that is typically caused by loud or prolonged noise exposure. However, with that being said many people hear something different than a ringing or buzzing in the ear and as such many people have developed tinnitus from something other than loud noise exposure. The sound that people hear varies

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