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Our auditory system consists of several delicate and intricate pieces that all work together to help you hear, maintain your balance and do many, many more daily functions. To understand how a problem with your auditory system can impact other aspects of your health, it’s important to look at how the organs of the ear work together. Understanding how we

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When you hear the term “ hearing test ,” what do you think it means? Perhaps you don’t even know. The answer is that this is often a blanket term used to refer to a few very different hearing care processes: hearing screenings and hearing evaluations. It’s important to understand the difference between these two so you can decide what

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Hearing aids are amazing pieces of tiny technology. It is amazing to think about everything they can do and all that technology is packed into something no bigger than a nickel. Of course, just like hearing aids come in a variety of styles, there are just as many different features to consider as well. Each manufacturer offers a number of

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Noise-induced hearing loss isn’t just a risk factor for adults with lifelong exposure to loud noises. As the popularity of media and volume-based activities among children and teens have increased, so have their risk for hearing damage. Statistics show that 12.5 percent of American children and adolescents have experienced some level of permanent hearing damage due to excessive noise exposure.

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The American Tinnitus Association reports that 60 million adults in the U.S. experience tinnitus . This phantom ringing in the ears can have many different underlying causes, and each case is unique. Some people who experience tinnitus never seek treatment from an audiologist because they’ve heard there’s no cure for it. While there is no universal cure, there are many

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