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Snow is beautiful to look at, but get it near your hearing aids and there could be trouble! The cold weather brings some potential issues for people with hearing aids. But these tips for wearing hearing aids in winter may help reduce your worries. Be prepared The old scout motto applies to hearing aid wearers this time of year. It’s

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Admitting you may have hearing loss can be very overwhelming and scary, but seeking out the help of an audiologist when it comes to treatment can be nerve-wracking if you’re not sure what to expect. Not knowing what they are looking for, what they are going to ask or even how you should answer their questions can make anyone stress

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There are several ways on how to communicate with a person who has hearing loss. At the same time, communicating with hearing people can be hard for individuals with hearing loss, but it’s imperative to relationships. If someone you love or have daily interactions with has hearing loss, it doesn’t have to be difficult communicating, especially if you consider the

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Have you ever experienced a ringing, buzzing or whistling in your ears that seems to be in your own head? This condition is known as tinnitus and can be incredibly debilitated if not treated properly! Is there a cure for tinnitus? As of yet, there is no cure for tinnitus – which is not a disease but a perceived disorder.

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Before you even start thinking about taking your ears for granted, you should know that  hearing loss  is one of the most irreversible health conditions out there. To make matters worse, hearing loss is on the rise at an alarming rate. In addition, hearing problems are not only traumatizing for the victim, but also frustrating as they complicate your social life and even put your

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