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If your hearing aid suddenly stops working - or your notice part of it has broken off or become damaged - then it’s vital that hearing aid repairs are carried out. Understandably, you may have no clue how to handle these, which is why we’ve written this post! Below, you’ll find a few troubleshooting tips that will help you handle

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If you’ve never had a hearing test , then it will shock you to know that there are actually many types of test performed during your appointment. Your audiologist will test different things to get a full understanding of your hearing health, ensuring they get the correct diagnosis. If you’re about to attend your first ever hearing test, or even

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Audiologists can help you with all kinds of health problems you might be experiencing relating to your ears and hearing. If you’re not sure whether you’re problems can be helped by an audiologist, we’re going to talk about the various reasons why you might see an audiologist and what they can help you with. Find out more about that below.

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Knowing when you might need a new hearing aid is essential. Properly calibrated hearing aids help you to hear the conversations around you, avoid depression and may prevent the development of cognitive decline in older age. So what signs indicate that you might need a new hearing aid? You’re finding it hard to hear people If you don’t currently have

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Many people who clean their ears go digging with cotton swabs and sticks. They're easy to buy, they're marketed for cleaning ears and so people use them. However, using cotton swabs inside your ears can actually cause more harm than good – from irritation to rupture of the eardrum. Most people are also misusing them; they're supposed to clean the

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