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If you work in a noisy environment, hearing protection is a must. Unlike other health issues, though, knowledge about hearing health is not as common, but your hearing is more delicate than you might expect. While noise levels of 70 decibels are considered safe, anything above this could damage your hearing, and noise that is higher than 85 decibels can

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There are so many potential signs of hearing loss. But many people miss them because they don’t just suddenly arrive overnight. Due to the nature of hearing loss, you’ll find that the symptoms creep up very slowly over time, making them less noticeable. If you’re unsure of what the main symptoms of hearing loss are and which ones you should

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Hearing aids are designed as a support for your hearing. They cannot make you hear if you are deaf, and you do not need them if your hearing is intact. They are there to enhance the hearing that you do have and allow you to hear beyond that to be able to live your life day to day without too

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It is quite normal to feel a little unsure about what might happen and what you might expect on your first visit to see an audiologist. For a lot of people visiting an audiologist, they will be referred there by a doctor or another specialist related to problems with hearing. However, when it comes to your audiologist appointment, it is

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Listening to music, or anything else for that matter, at a high volume can cause serious problems with your ears. Being part of a musical ensemble in close range to other loud, musical instruments as well as your own is a risk to your hearing and can cause serious and irreversible conditions. Often, musicians will develop audio-related issues such as

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