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If you have recently been diagnosed with hearing loss, then you are probably starting to look at different options for hearing aids. It is important that you select the right hearing aids for your needs so that you get the most out of them and continue to hear as well as possible, for as long as you can. For that

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Hearing aids are truly incredible, life-improving devices that millions of people across the country rely on. However, hearing aids are also the product of complex, sophisticated engineering, which means that a few care measures are required to ensure your device is always fully functional and working at its best. Below, we’ve brought together the best tips and advice related to

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When you need advice and support with your hearing, your hearing health professional is there for you. They can talk you through everything to do with your internal and external hearing structure, and they can test your hearing for any losses.   The question is when you should see yours? There are a lot of hearing issues that you should

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In the canal hearing aids are larger than some of the other options that are placed inside the ear, but are still quite small. Small enough that they aren’t necessarily going to be visible to the everyday person walking past you, but big enough that you will be able to see them if you are looking for them. Down below,

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Knowing when to seek help from your audiologist can save you time and hassle when it comes to hearing aid repairs. While day-to-day maintenance can help to minimize the risk of issues, there are times when professional hearing aid repairs will be needed.  To ensure you get the best performance from your hearing devices and to increase their lifespan, always

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