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Earwax is your ears’ built-in cleaner and lubricant, keeping bacteria and dirt from getting inside your ear canal. Ironically, too much wax can also obstruct your hearing and cause other problems. For instance, earwax one of the leading causes of hearing aid malfunction and repairs. Blockages from wax can make sounds seem weak, distorted or completely block sound altogether, problems

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No matter how well today’s hearing aids are designed, they aren’t unbreakable. Sure, a manufacturer’s warranty will cover most repairs and at least one replacement, but might require a deductible each time. With an average lifespan of six years, the typical hearing aid also lasts beyond a four-year warranty, which means out-of-pocket repairs. All this nickel and diming can add

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When you are experiencing hearing loss, the next steps can be a bit confusing and intimidating – where do you go for treatment? Looking for someone who specializes in that field can be daunting, but it really doesn't have to be. First of all, an audiologist will best be used to help you in your hearing loss treatment journey by

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Are you finding yourself straining to hear better? Are you avoiding social interactions because you have a difficult time following conversation? Does your spouse or family complain the television is too loud? If you answer yes to these questions, you are likely part of the American population of 48 million strong who suffer from hearing loss. The good thing is

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Just like any other electronic device, hearing aids wear out, break, and stop working – sometimes for no apparent reason. Even if you’ve taken the best possible care to keep your hearing aid dry, clean and free of damage, components like receivers can eventually succumb to years of wax, oil and wear; casings can crack or break; circuits can short.

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