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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about five percent or 360 million of the world’s population suffers from hearing loss. This includes 318 million adults and 42 million children. Despite a large number of people suffering from hearing loss, many people either do not have access to or are not willing to use corrective measures. However, there are several

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It’s common knowledge that we should speak to our audiologist when we need help with our hearing loss. After a series of examinations and tests, they’ll typically help us by recommendation a pair of hearing aids and helping us maintain them correctly so that we can use them for a long time without damaging or even breaking them. However, a

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How often do you think about the hearing aids helping you to hear the world around you? The likelihood is that you don’t give them much thought beyond taking them in and out for the shower in the morning. When your hearing isn’t interrupted, you are going to forget how much you depend on those little devices that give you

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Hearing loss can sometimes be a slow, gradual process. As such, it can be easy to ignore symptoms, even when they become severe. You could blame hearing loss on “old age,” but doing so could lead to problems further down the line as well as preventing you from getting the assistance you need right now to improve your quality of

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Hearing aid fittings are an essential part of your ongoing care, helping you to manage your hearing loss effectively, and ensuring that you have the highest quality of life possible. You may, however, have some questions about these sessions, so here are the top FAQs about hearing aid fittings. Will I receive support after my hearing aid fitting? Audiologists know

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