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There’s a good chance that you’ve experienced tinnitus before, even if you couldn’t put a name to the condition. Some of us experience it as a ringing, others as a buzzing . For some it can sound like a clicking while others may hear it as a humming. When we’re trying to get to sleep, tinnitus can keep us awake.

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A hearing health professional is someone who is a specialist in all avenues of hearing health care and hearing loss prevention. They're not only required to have a degree in their field, but they must also have several years of training and the right credentials in place to be able to practice in their field. It's for this reason that

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Nobody likes the thought of losing their hearing. Unfortunately, hearing loss is almost unavoidable as you go through life. When you get older, your hearing will naturally suffer and get worse. But, certain things – like being exposed to loud noises – can speed up this process.  If you suffer from hearing loss, then an audiologist can help you. See

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Hearing aids remain the best treatment to combat hearing loss. After a hearing test, your audiologist will recommend hearing aids – if the results indicate hearing loss is present. From here, they will book you in for a hearing aid fitting . If you don’t know what this is – and want to prepare for it – then here are

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Hearing loss can affect anyone – no matter what their age, lifestyle or occupation. So, it’s important to know what the most common signs are, the causes and what you should do when you start to notice them. There are two main types of hearing loss:  Conductive : This happens as a result of a blockage (such as earwax), which

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