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Hearing aids are wonderful devices that can help us regain our sense of hearing. They’re small, discreet and incredibly powerful despite their appearances. However, they’re also susceptible to damage and can easily be broken if you’re not careful. Whether you accidentally damage your hearing aids or you neglect them and they become caked in grime, there are many things that

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If you chose to visit an audiologist with hearing complaints recently, there is a reasonable chance that professional might arrange a hearing aid fitting for you. That is brilliant news because it’s the first step towards ensuring you rectify your situation and limit any hearing loss you experience. However, lots of people have no idea about the ways in which

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Choosing a hearing aid is never an easy task. There’s so much to consider, from the type of device to the features that it offers. This can make the purchasing process rather confusing, especially if you have never bought a hearing aid before. To an extent, choosing the right device and features is always going to be subjective. However, we

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Hearing aids are life-changing devices for millions of Americans. Unfortunately, most audiologists encounter many patients that fail to reap the full benefits. In many cases, this is due to damaged products. When this occurs, restoring them to perfect condition should be top of the agenda. Various faults can occur. So, learning how to troubleshoot the most common issues will point

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Earmolds are a component of behind the ear hearing aids. They are custom made to fit your ear exactly. Some fit in the bowl of your ear (the concha) and some fit in the canal. Why fit matters Ears come in all shapes and sizes. Just take a look at any group of 10 people and you will see no

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