Most people seem to underestimate the importance of hearing. It’s something that many of us seem to take for granted, and it’s not until we experience hearing loss that we begin to understand just how important it is to our daily lives. In order to protect our hearing, it’s important to adjust our lifestyles and identify the common causes of hearing damage in effort to prevent it. In most cases, wearing sufficient ear protection is a great way to help prevent the effects of hearing loss. Consider the following four reasons why ear protection can help prevent hearing loss.

1. Your ears are incredibly delicate

Ears are constructed from very delicate parts that play small, but important roles in hearing. Sounds are collected in the outer ear, then funneled into your eardrum. When the waves reach the eardrum, it vibrates and sends sounds into the middle section of your ear. Once there, it amplifies the vibrations, which are sent to your inner ear. In the cochlea, or inner ear, an electrical impulse travels to the brain along the auditory nerve, which causes the sensation of hearing a sound. If any part of this process is damaged, then it can cause drastic changes in one’s ability to hear.

2. Exposure to loud noises causes hearing damage

Loud noises are the number one cause of hearing damage, even more so than old age. Hearing protection is the only way to keep your hearing from becoming prematurely damaged. Both earplugs and earmuffs are sufficient at protecting your ears from loud noises and can prolong your ability to hear sounds clearly. If you’re interested in custom earplug solutions, it’s worth speaking to an audiologist to ask about having a pair made specifically for your ear shape.

3. Hearing is essential for safety

Your hearing is incredibly important to your way of life. Whether it’s listening out for the doorbell at home or hearing the horn of a car while we drive, it’s important to be able to hear. When we fail to hear correctly, we often try to overcompensate by yelling or forcing people to repeat themselves. Such miscommunication can lead to accidents and confusion.

4. Workplaces can be too noisy

Some workplaces, such as construction sites and garages, are known to be noisy environments. They’re so noisy, in fact, that overexposure to loud noises like a jackhammer or pressure washer can damage one’s hearing. Some professions, such as musicians, are often exposed to loud noises during practice, rehearsals, and performances. If you want to continue your work without damaging your hearing, then it’s incredibly important to focus on ear protection that is suitable for your work.