The Whisper Hearing System—a new category of hearing aid 

Cary Audiology is one of the first practices to offer Whisper, a new hearing system that is always learning and improving.  Designed by a team of artificial intelligence, hearing care, hardware and software experts, Whisper is a first-of-its-kind solution built to keep pace with technology.

With Whisper, rather than owning hearing technology that quickly becomes outdated, you will receive regular software upgrades containing new features and improved sound processing every few months. Day to day, the Whisper Hearing System uses powerful artificial intelligence in our Sound Separation Engine to optimize sounds in real-time for you.

Unlike other hearing aids, Whisper is sold via a simple monthly plan. This plan includes:

  • Ongoing care from your audiologist
  • A lease of the Whisper Hearing System
  • Regular software upgrades
  • A three-year loss and damage warranty
  • An introductory rate of $139/month for 36 months

There are 3 key components in the Whisper Hearing System: 

  • The Whisper Brain which optimizes and sound in real-time using our Sound Separation Engine
  • Earpieces that transmit the optimized sound to your ears
  • The Whisper app which delivers regular software upgrades


You may choose to use just the earpieces when you want traditional sound processing. For situations where every sound matters and you want the full power of artificial intelligence, keep the Whisper Brain nearby in a pocket or purse.

A hearing aid that actually gets better over time 

Whisper is an innovative device that puts artificial intelligence to work to deliver better hearing.


  • Continuously learning & improving: The Sound Separation Engine is constantly being redefined to identify and process different sounds— from conversation to background noise—so you can hear more of what you want and less of what you don’t.
  • Upgrades that keep up with you: Every few months, you’ll receive software upgrades that offer improvements to your system, from new features to better sound processing.
  • Have your say: Use the Whisper mobile app to share feedback and influence future upgrades.

Deep, crisp sound quality 

Every Whisper Brain comes equipped with a Sound Separation Engine. This sophisticated engine uses artificial intelligence algorithms to process sound in real-time and optimize it for your surroundings.

The optimized sound is wirelessly sent to your earpieces so you can enjoy a great hearing experience wherever you are— from the farmers market to your dinner table.

Whisper users describe the sound quality as extremely clear with lots of depth and richness.


A unique all-inclusive monthly plan 

Whisper is available through a unique, comprehensive monthly plan. There’s no large upfront cost, just a low monthly payment, and the plan includes:

  • Whisper Hearing System: You’ll get a three-year lease of the complete system – the Whisper Brain, earpieces, and app. At the end of three years, you’ll have the option to upgrade your hardware when you renew your plan.
  • Regular software upgrades: The Whisper Hearing System gets better and better over time through ongoing software upgrades. Your subscription gives you exclusive access to these upgrades.
  • Ongoing, local, expert care: Your audiologist will be by your side every step of the way to ensure you’re always hearing as well as possible.
  • Complete loss and damage & warranty coverage


Local care from a hearing professional 

We believe that your hearing is best cared for by a local professional, so Whisper is exclusively available through a network of top hearing care providers. Our office will let you know if you are a candidate for Whisper, fit you with the device and program it to your unique hearing loss, and support you during a risk-free trial as you wear the devices at home, work, and anywhere you want to hear better. If you decide that Whisper is right for you, we will be there to support you.