There are several ways on how to communicate with a person who has hearing loss. At the same time, communicating with hearing people can be hard for individuals with hearing loss, but it’s imperative to relationships.

If someone you love or have daily interactions with has hearing loss, it doesn’t have to be difficult communicating, especially if you consider the following tips:

Tips to communicate with someone who has hearing loss

  • Face the person
  • Avoid noisy backgrounds
  • Keep their focus and get their attention
  • Find out what you can do to make the conversation easier
  • Don't shout, but speak clearly, don't over-emphasize words
  • Don't hide your mouth
  • Repeat your words if necessary
  • Use facial expressions
  • Be patient
  • Respect and stay positive

If you suspect a friend or family member has untreated hearing loss, encourage them to speak with a hearing care professional. Untreated hearing loss can lead to social isolation, anxiety, depression and several other conditions; it’s important to take your hearing health seriously!

Speak with your friend or loved one about their hearing loss and any possible fears or concerns they have about going to see a hearing care provider. Sometimes, speaking with others can help the person with hearing loss get over their fear about having their hearing checked out!

If your friend or loved one already has a hearing aid and is still experiencing trouble hearing, urge them to speak with their hearing care provider to ensure their hearing aid is in working order and is still up to date.

If you’re an individual with hearing loss and you frequently struggle to communicate with others without hearing loss, try the tips below to get the most out of your conversations:

Tips to communicate with others when you have hearing loss

  • Tell others how best to talk to you
  • Find a good spot for conversations
  • Anticipate challenges before they happen
  • Pay attention, stay focused
  • Look for visual clues
  • Don't interrupt
  • Ask for written messages
  • React – let the hearing person know you understand them
  • If you don't understand, ask

If you haven’t met with a hearing care specialist to discuss your hearing loss, you should find time to schedule an appointment as soon as possible! Hearing tests are not only noninvasive and easy, they allow your professional to diagnose and treat your loss!

Communicating is essential to our day-to-day functions. Whether you or someone you love has hearing loss, these tips and tricks can help make the relationship easier.