Hearing loss is a discomforting experience that limits your social interactions and economic productivity without proper handling. Maintaining an active lifestyle, especially enjoying your favorite hobbies, can be challenging without appropriate ear protection.

The mental and physical health benefits of an active lifestyle are well-established by medical research. However, some hobbies can lead to hearing loss due to loud noises. The following are hobbies associated with heightened hearing loss:


Whether you enjoy watching high-octane motorsports or sitting behind the wheel, you need ear protection. The high-power motorized engines produce excessive noise that can lead to hearing problems without proper ear protection. Therefore, if you plan on spending hours at the motor tracks as a driver or spectator, invest in comfy hearing protection. 

Hearing protection in the market, such as earplugs, noise-canceling headphones, and earmuffs utilize advanced technology for the ultimate ear protection experience while enjoying your hobby. These devices are easy to use, comfortable, adjustable, and fit perfectly on your ears. This hearing protection is ideal for those long hours you'll spend on the tracks. Drivers can easily and comfortably slip helmets over these devices.

DIY work

Flexing your creativity muscles with DIY projects is one of the best ways to remain active. The satisfaction you get from making a lovely table or seat for your deck is good for your mental well-being. However, most DIY projects involve loud noise, especially those metal works and carpentry that use heavy machines. 

From power saws to drills, the list of tools you can use for DIY projects is endless. Prolonged exposure to the high decibel noise from these power tools and equipment can damage your ears. To avoid noise-induced hearing loss while enjoying your hobby, find some nice and comfortable heavy-duty earplugs. 

Music concerts or playing musical instruments

Music calms the nerves and keeps you active. Whether you are playing the piano or attending a gig, music has a way of touching the soul. Dancing to your favorite song is a great way to stay active and burn those extra calories. However, the noise associated with such instruments or concerts can damage your ears. Before you attend any show or play your drums, wear hearing protection. If you aren't sure, consult a hearing health professional for the right earplugs to use. With the noise muffled, you can still enjoy stringing your guitar while protecting your ears.

Shooting clay pigeons

The thrill of aiming and shooting clay pigeons at a countryside shooting range is good for your mental health. Watching a clay pigeon tumble after a nice shot or hitting a target yards away is satisfying. However, don't forget to protect your ears even as you aim for the bull's eye. Prolonged exposure to gunshots without protective devices can permanently affect your auditory nerves. Always carry your earplugs or earmuffs to the shooting range to avoid noise-induced hearing loss.

Hobbies keep us active, healthy, and productive. However, some hobbies also expose us to loud noises that can cause hearing loss. Before you head out to enjoy time out at the shooting range or concert, get some nice earplugs or hearing aids that correspond to the expected noise pollution.