Hearing aids can be fairly robust, but you still have to look after them. If you drop one, step on it or get it wet, you could cause extensive damage. It's important to keep your hearing aids clean too or they might not work as well as they should. Proper care and attention for your hearing aids will help extend longevity and ensure that they're working well. If you want to make sure your hearing aids stay in good condition, here are some tips for keeping them functioning as they should.

Keep them clean

Cleaning your hearing aids helps to prevent problems such as wax buildup or damage from dust. Some types of hearing aid might need cleaning more than others. Those that sit in your ear or ear canal, for example, could be more at risk of getting wax on and in them. When you purchase your hearing aids, your audiologist can tell you how to clean them, how often to do it and what tools you can use. A hearing aid cleaning kit can be a useful thing to have in your home and take on your travels with you too.

Store them safely

Remember to always store your hearing aids in the right way. When you take them off at night or if you're not planning to wear them for a few days, they should be stored in a dry place. It's best for them to be at room temperature because they could be damaged if it's too hot or too cold. You should also open the door to the battery compartment while you're not wearing your hearing aids. If you plan not to wear them for a few days, take out the batteries to avoid problems with moisture and corrosion.

Take care of batteries

You always need to make sure that you have spare batteries so that you can quickly replace them. Using your batteries properly helps you to get the most out of them. Firstly, make sure that you used your oldest packets of batteries first. When you take out a new battery, leave it for five minutes after pulling off the tab and before putting it in your hearing aid. This allows for the battery to activate and could extend its life by several days. It's also a good idea to clean the battery contacts in your device when you change a battery.

Handle carefully

Be careful to look after your hearing aids when you holding or wearing them too. Take extra care to avoid dropping your hearing aids while putting them in, taking them out or cleaning them. Try to avoid high moisture areas, taking care not to wear your hearing aids in steamy rooms like your bathroom or the gym sauna. Hold them securely and avoid leaving them on surfaces where they could be knocked down or where they are in reach of children or pets.

Take care of your hearing aids to help them last longer. You can ask your audiologist for advice on looking after your hearing aids.