Hearing aids are a great piece of technology. They will allow you to hear effectively if your hearing has changed. With hearing aids, you can guarantee that you can hear in a wide range of different circumstances from crowded rooms to loud areas. When you are using hearing aids, it’s important to understand that they are a sensitive piece of technology. As such, they need to be used and cared for the right way. 

Clean Them the Right Way

First, you need to make sure that you are cleaning your hearing aids the right way. This means that you should not submerge them in water. There are no hearing aids that will be able to sustain this type of environment. Instead, you should clean your hearing aids using a damp cloth. If you take this step, you’ll be able to clean your hearing aids effectively without risking anymore damage. 

There are parts of the hearing aid like the tubing that can be cleaned with more water. This needs to be handled with the right level of care. 

Leave the Battery Compartment Open at Night

One way to ensure that your hearing aids aren’t damaged by moisture is to leave the battery compartment open at night. If you take this step, then you can ensure that if there is any moisture it dries quickly before components and parts get damaged. 

Avoid Wet Environments

You should also make sure that you are avoiding wet environments with your hearing aids. If you are using your hearing aids outside and it starts to rain, you should think about putting them in their carry case. Your hearing aids should not be left in when you are showering or when you are swimming. 

Even water-resistant hearing aids could be damaged in this type of environment. Hearing aids are not designed to stay in your ear all the time. You should take them out when you do not need them to avoid moisture building up. 

This could also include times of strenuous exercise. If you are sweating a lot then it’s possible this could also lead to moisture getting into your devices. Taking them out when you are exercising is often the best way to ensure that you can avoid issues like this completely. 

Store Them Safely

Finally, you should ensure that you are storing your hearing aids in a safe place. This might include a carry case. These often come with the device and are one of the best ways to avoid them being damaged by moisture due to a spill or a similar accident. 

We hope this helps you understand how to prevent moisture damage in your hearing aids. If you take the right steps, then you can guarantee that your hearing aids last longer without showing any issues. If you do think that your hearing aids have been exposed to too much moisture, you should think about speaking to a hearing health professional. They should be able to get the repair that you need without delay.