Given that the ears are self-cleaning and that a little wax is necessary for continued hearing health, millions of people go through life without ever needing a professional clean. When earwax buildups, otherwise known as cerumen impaction, strike, it’s vital that you seek the help of an audiologist for ear cleaning support.

An audiologist can aid you through the ear cleaning process in several ways. Here are the most common solutions that you are likely to encounter.

Professional wax removal

If the earwax buildup is severe, the audiologist may want to clear the blockage immediately with professional ear cleaning equipment.

The audiologist may scrape it out with a curette tool or may opt for using a strong carbamide peroxide solution. Either way, you should enjoy immediate results that leave the ear canal unblocked and free from excessive earwax.

Professional wax removal treatments are not painful although it can feel a little strange to have a tool or oil in your ear canal. Once your ears have been successfully cleared, it’s vital to avoid the temptation of using a cotton swab or other tools over the coming days. In fact, you should probably avoid this altogether.


Another option that the audiologist may try is irrigation using water from a syringe. As with the carbamide peroxide, the idea is to loosen the wax before removing it.

The audiologist will fill a syringe with warm water as it needs a little hear to work but mustn’t be hot enough to damage the skin or hairs of the ear canal. This is then pushed into the ear to flush it out. The audiologist may want you to tilt your head throughout the process to let gravity aid the cause.

This option can provide immediate pain relief and will clear the blockage right away. Again, this process should be pain-free, although it can feel a little strange while the water is being flushed through.

Over-the-counter products

Depending on the severity of the earwax buildup, the audiologist may decide that it’s better for you to clear the blockage at home. However, this should not be done using the common mistakes that you may have already tried. Instead, a home earwax removal kit is the ideal solution.

There are several oils that your audiologist may consider, but the method of using them is virtually unchanged. You’ll have to place a few drops in the ear on a daily basis for around a week, which will loosen the wax. Small amounts should be easily removed each day until you get back to normality.

You can also use a little warm water to help flush the loose wax away, but the audiologist will advise you on the best techniques to use.

Always get the right diagnosis

While earwax buildups are relatively common, the symptoms can be linked to other conditions. For this reason, it’s vital that you get checked out by the audiologist to avoid the threat of making other conditions worse. Above all else, you’ll want to act fast.