Hearing Aid Maintenance

We offer a 60-day assessment period with the purchase of every hearing aid so you can determine whether or not you are completely satisfied with your new hearing instruments. During this assessment period, we will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and make any adjustments you may need.

After the purchase of your hearing aids, the service of your hearing instruments is a priority. We offer walk-in hours Monday through Friday from 11am – 12pm for routine cleaning or repairs. We understand that you depend on your hearing aids to communicate. Should your hearing aid have to be sent to the manufacturer to be repaired, we will provide a loaner for you to wear in the interim.

To be sure your hearing aids are always working at their optimum and to monitor any changes in your hearing, we encourage you to schedule routine follow-up appointments with your audiologist. These appointments are a good opportunity for your audiologist to use real ear measurement testing to confirm that your hearing aids are continuing to perform well, and to make any programming adjustments as needed.

After your original manufacturer warranty and loss and damage coverage expire, additional options are available to further protect your investment. Be sure to ask your audiologist about these plans.

Questions about having your hearing aid repaired? Contact us today!