Around 30 million people experience hearing loss each year in the United States alone, and while hearing loss is associated with getting older as you progress past your 60s, you can experience hearing loss for many reasons such as trauma, excessively loud sound exposure and wax buildup or infection.

If you are concerned that you are experiencing hearing loss, then you should consider consulting an audiologist for a hearing test.

Having to listen more intently than usual or not being able to follow a conversation is one of the first signs that you might need a hearing test while mute sounds from high pitched sources is a first sign of hearing loss and if you find yourself with a constant ringing in your ears then seek help immediately.

Difficulty Hearing During a Conversation

One of the first clues that you might need a hearing test is having trouble understanding people during a conversation or feeling the need to constantly ask people to repeat something that they have already said. You might also lose track of a conversation as you can’t hear what people are saying as they move or turn their heads slightly as they are speaking.

However, you may not initially notice this yourself but a relative, partner or close friend might begin to note that you are missing what they have stated or asked. If this type of everyday dysfunction is beginning to manifest itself in your life, then you should definitely consider booking a hearing test with an audiologist. 

Muted or Muffled Everyday Sounds

As with conversational issues, everyday sounds from such things as the TV, radio and closing doors can become muffled or even muted and don’t sound how they should. If this is the case, then it is concerning and needs to be taken seriously as it could be an infection as well as a sign of hearing loss.

High-pitched sounds especially can become very difficult to hear when your hearing ability begins to decrease and high-pitched sounds such as chirping, children playing or ringing phones becoming difficult to perceive and this definitely warrants an audiogram as soon as possible since an audiogram measures pitch as part of the testing process.

Uncomfortable Sounds in Your Ears

A serious symptom of hearing loss is a constant and uncomfortable tone in your ears from low pitch to high, usually experienced as a ringing. This is especially concerning since it could be a sign of a more serious condition such as tinnitus which is commonly more pronounced in a quiet environment and can cause psychological issues such as depression and anxiety.

Because of this, it is highly advised that you book a hearing test with a reputable audiologist as soon as possible. The standard hearing tests conducted by an audiologist can determine whether or not you are experiencing tinnitus and can therefore recommend further treatment should any be required.