Many people who clean their ears go digging with cotton swabs and sticks. They're easy to buy, they're marketed for cleaning ears and so people use them. However, using cotton swabs inside your ears can actually cause more harm than good – from irritation to rupture of the eardrum.

Most people are also misusing them; they're supposed to clean the exterior structure of the ear, not the canal itself. Adding cotton swabs to the ears is only going to end with pushing the earwax back in and causing even more of a buildup inside the ears, leading to even more issues.

Protecting your ears

If you want to protect the inner structure of the ear, you need to speak to a hearing health professional first. They can advise you on the best methods for ear cleaning and how to keep your ears from becoming infected. There are a lot of benefits to a professional ear cleaning and it can make a difference to your hearing health. Here are three benefits of professional ear cleaning:

A proper clean

One of the most significant advantages of having a professional ear cleaning is the fact that it won't cause any damage to the inside your ears. Pushing the earwax back into your ears isn't healthy and using small picks and sticks can scratch the inner ear, too. These can all be very harmful and your hearing health professional is likely to admonish you for it! You need expert help and professional cleaning can give you that.

Good cleaning advice

Did you know that impacted earwax can cause both major and minor symptoms for you? We need earwax to help our ears to stay clear of debris, but with earwax can come impaction. This happens when it all bunches together and hardens, it then becomes harder to remove and can cause both minor and major problems.

Experiencing things like damp ears, popping noises and mild hearing loss can lead you to the hearing health professionals; which is precisely where you should go. However, if you are dealing with symptoms of infection, you could be putting yourself at risk by trying to clean out your ears yourself. So, get an appointment with a hearing health professional and let the pros take care of you.

Ears are self-cleaning

Most people aren't aware that ears mostly clean themselves; it's why we have wax. Almost everyone gets through life without needing a professional ear cleaning and this is a good thing! No one wants to deal with a wax buildup and wax usually moves to the edge of the ear to be moved with a cotton swab.

You can prevent infection, improve your hearing and generally feel healthier with a professional ear cleaning. They can also assess your overall ear health and recommend any tips or maintenance practices to help you avoid impactions in the future.

Before you decide to get a professional ear cleaning, you need to think about whether you need it at all. Your ears are unique; preserving your hearing is important and so, you should never touch your inner ear without advice!