Living with hearing loss can be a troubling time, and it is understandable that when you are getting a hearing aid fitted, you will have some worries and indeed questions before you head into your appointment. It is good to be prepared for your hearing aid fitting with a healthcare professional who can help you gain your hearing. This article looks at the different ways you can prepare yourself for your hearing aid fitting.

Leave Plenty of Time

Try not to book other appointments close to your hearing aid fitting time to allow the appointment to run its natural course, which could be between one to two hours. Being able to arrive early for your appointment will help you prepare yourself and fill in all the required paperwork without rushing. It could be worth leaning a three hour block for your appointment to make sure you can give the appointment as long as it needs. It is here you will have your hearing aid fitted and proper checks to ensure the best possible fit and sound level for you.

Prepare Your Questions

Chances, your hearing health professional will have discussed what it means to have a hearing aid fitted and the different options available. It is only natural that you might still have some unanswered questions and if you do, this appointment is the ideal time to get some answers. Create a list of questions of anything you need to know or think you might have missed or are unsure of. Don’t forget to take the list with you to discuss with your healthcare professional.

Know What to Expect

Sometimes the most unnerving part of an appointment is not knowing. So have a little look online at the wealth of information about getting your hearing aid fitted and familiarize yourself with the procedures that will occur and what type of tests you can expect them to perform during your hearing aid fitting. If you want to put your mind at ease, you can discuss this with your healthcare professional prior to your fitting so they can talk you through the procedure before you arrive for your appointment.

Bring a Pen and Notebook

You will be bombarded with vital information on how to properly fit and remove your hearing when necessary, throughout the day, how to care for it, clean the hearing aid and store it along with replacing the battery and adjustment of sound levels if applicable. If you do not think you will remember, take a pen and notebook with you to write down the important information your hearing health professional gives you.

Take Someone with You

Regaining your hearing can be emotional, and you may undergo a whole emotional process during and after the fitting. This is a momentous occasion, so taking a family member or friend with you can help you to have someone to share this experience with and remove any loneliness that going to an appointment alone can bring. They can also share your joy with you once you leave the appointment and get used to life with your hearing aids.