There are many forms of ear protection out there, from disposable earplugs to earmuffs. Custom ear protection might be more expensive in the short term, but it comes with a range of benefits that often makes them the recommended option of your hearing health professional. Here are a few reasons to consider the custom ear protection.

Prevent long-term damage to your hearing

The single best reason to consider any form of ear protection is the risk of noise-induced hearing loss. All noises over 85 decibels (dB), from loud music to motorcycles to construction sites, are a potential risk. Ear protection is the best way to safeguard yourself from that risk and custom ear protection is the most effective of all the options.


One of the reasons that custom ear protection is that much more effective is that they last much longer than the other options. Disposable earplugs may have to be discarded after a single use or may last a few weeks at best. So long as you clean and maintain custom earplugs, they can last for several years without worrying about having to replace them.


There’s no doubt that custom ear protection is immediately more expensive than the disposable varieties on offer. However, if you are regularly exposed to unsafe levels of noise, having to constantly buy new earplugs to replace the ones that are no longer effective can be more expensive in the long run. Custom ear protection is an investment that pays off the more you are likely to use them.


Disposable ear protection can irritate your ear the longer they’re worn. This is simply because they’re built in a one-size-fits-all manner. With custom ear protection, a cast is made of your ear. From this cast, a mold is made, meaning that the ear protection it’s attached to best fits your ear and no-one else’s. This not only makes it a much better fit and more comfortable in the long-term, but it also means that it’s much more effective at sealing the entirety of your ear.


Protecting against hearing loss is the primary function of custom ear protection, but not the only one. They are also more hygienic if cared for correctly, preventing the risk of ear infection and are also regularly worn by swimmers to protect against excessive exposure to moisture and the problems that can cause.


Modern custom ear protection can come with a range of features to make them better fit your needs. This can include adjusting the noise reduction dynamically, making them better for changing noise levels in the environment, or with filtering features that suppress potentially harmful noise but still allows you to communicate with those around you, important in work environments like the construction site.

If you work in loud work environments or enjoy noisy hobbies and believe custom ear protection might be right for you, your hearing professional can help you choose and customize them. Make an appointment today to see what options are available and have a mold made so you can wear them as soon as possible.