Hearing aids are highly beneficial instruments that enhance your ability to hear and, your quality of life. You can have hearing aids at any stage in your life. These devices, offered by your audiologist, are very fragile and can ultimately need repairs. To keep your devices free of damage, proper maintenance and care is crucial. Here are the most common signs your hearing aids might need repair.

Device switches off randomly

Changing the batteries, and it not working properly is one of the clearest signs that your hearing aids need repairs. At points throughout the day, they might turn off randomly. They may not even be turned on at all. Be aware that this may be an issue with the battery or the device itself. 

Therefore, before you even think about getting a repair, you should always check the battery first. If you don’t check your batteries first, you could end up not needing a repair or a new set of hearing aids. 

Odd buzzing noises

While the device may switch on, it will probably have a problem with a noise you don't want to hear if it needs repair. From ringing to white noise or static, the noise could be anything out of the ordinary. It all depends upon the hearing device problem. 

Again, this can be a sign of a low battery, but the device itself can also be a sign of a more technical problem. It could be a more complicated problem, and you will need to talk about a potential repair with your audiologist. The buzzing or alternative noise caused will certainly become irritating if you don't get the device repaired.

Physical damage

You may also find that your hearing aid is physically damaged. While it may look minor, with these devices, certain physical damage can cause massive problems. For example, the tube that connects the outer piece to the inner piece could be an issue. If this is damaged, the sound is not going to travel at all. So, you will either need to replace or repair the tube.

The device hook may have snapped or been thoroughly worn. You will need to think about getting it repaired in both cases. The hook is what enables the device to attach to your ear. It is an important piece of hearing aid equipment.

Earwax build-up

Finally, you might find that earwax has covered your hearing aid. In the tubing and around the little pieces, there might be earwax build up, and that's totally normal!  Earwax is an occurrence that is natural. 

To clean the canal, the ear pushes the wax out and ensures that any harmful dirt or oil is removed from the ear. With a soft, damp cloth, the earwax can be washed off. However, visit your audiologist to have your hearing aids repaired if this does not solve the problem.

There are other signs your hearing aid might not be working properly, and anything out of the ordinary should always be looked over by your audiologist to ensure it’s working properly.