Hearing aids are fantastic devices that can greatly improve your quality of life if you experience hearing loss. While you might be in a rush to get them fitted, you should take the time to work with your hearing instrument specialist to ensure that you’re getting the devices best suited to your needs. Here, we’re going to look at a few questions you should ask which can help narrow down your options.

What kind of device best suits your level of hearing?

The first question to ask may narrow down your options considerably. Some types of hearing aids are only suitable for those with certain levels of hearing loss. For instance, completely in the canal devices are only suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, while people with severe or profound hearing loss may require larger behind the ear devices. Your hearing instrument specialist will narrow down your options you’re only looking at devices that can help with your level of hearing loss.

Which style of hearing aid suits you best?

There are differences between the categories of hearing aids beyond what types of hearing loss they are best suited to. The main styles include behind the ear (BTE), in the canal (ITC) and in the ear (ITE). BTE devices are typically larger and more powerful, with longer battery life and are well suited to people who might have trouble with handling very small objects. Meanwhile, ITE devices are more discreet.

What features should you look for?

Aside from the different types and shapes of hearing aids, there are also different features that can customize your choice a lot more. Your hearing instrument specialist can tell you about the different features, such as direction microphones, Bluetooth connectivity, noise reduction, waterproofing and manual controls.

It’s a good idea to do a little research on the different features and how they might help you, but if there are any you don’t understand or want to learn more about, don’t hesitate to ask your hearing instrument specialist about them. They have the experience to help you better understand each feature and what they do.

Which hearing fits your lifestyle?

Aside from the level of hearing loss you are experiencing, the kind of life that you want to lead is going to be the biggest determining factor in what device works best to your needs. For instance, someone who spends a lot of their time indoors alone or with one or two people might require a different device from someone who is out socializing or working in busy environments regularly.

Think about your hobbies, your work life and what your day-to-day typically entails, and tell your hearing instrument specialist about it so they can help you find the device best suited to your needs.

If you feel stuck or unsure at any point, don’t hesitate to tell your hearing instrument specialist. They have helped countless people select hearing aids before and can help you, too.

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