Hearing aids are designed as a support for your hearing. They cannot make you hear if you are deaf, and you do not need them if your hearing is intact. They are there to enhance the hearing that you do have and allow you to hear beyond that to be able to live your life day to day without too much disruption. A common issue that most hearing aid users face is whistling, crackling and feedback over the microphone of their hearing aids. 

The Good News Is That You Don't Have to Live with It

Feedback from your hearing aids is unpleasant and misplaced – it shouldn't be happening in the first place! Your audiologist should be able to talk you through some of the issues that you could be facing and why your hearing aid is crackling in the first place. They will also be able to talk you through how to get rid of it and stop the whistling. Below, we’ve put together some of the top suggestions to ensure that your hearing aids no longer have that annoying feedback you’ve been dealing with.

The Wrong Seal

Did you know that if you don't insert your hearing aids correctly, they won't sit properly in your ear? When this happens, there is no seal, which means that there is space for air to flow between your ear and the hearing aid. This then creates a level of feedback you really don't want to hear in your ears. Take out your hearing aids and reinsert them carefully to create that seal you are missing. 

Remove the Earwax

Feedback can also be created because of a buildup of wax in the ears that needs to be cleaned off. Wax can create an air funnel that offers you that screechy feedback you’re trying to avoid. Use a soft cloth to clean the earwax from the hearing aid. On the other hand, if the wax is compacted in your ears, then you need to speak to your audiologist about loosening the wax and removing it. You should never put anything into your ears yourself, though!

Come in for Hearing Aid Repairs

If you believe that there is a problem with the hearing aid itself, you should bring it into the audiologist’s office and get them repaired. Your audiologist will be able to diagnose an issue with your hearing aids and repair them accordingly. They can look at the hearing aid and make repairs there and then. If the issue is too complex, they’ll send them off to the manufacturer to look at them. Don't panic, though, you will get a set of loan hearing aids that will help your hearing while you wait.

Refit Your Hearing Aids

Over the years, our ear shape changes. If you believe that this could be the cause for the feedback you’re hearing, get your hearing aids refit at your audiologist's office. This can hopefully then eliminate the feedback and whistling noises and make your hearing aid experience more comfortable.