You’ve had your hearing tested and you were diagnosed with hearing loss. Your audiologist walked through all the treatment options for you and you decided on the perfect pair of hearing aids. Your audiologist ordered your devices and now it’s time to have your hearing aid fitting.

You may be feeling a wide range of emotions, from excitement to sheer anxiety. It can be overwhelming to not know what to expect when you go in for a new appointment. The good news is that your hearing aid fitting will be a completely easy and exciting time – you’re going to learn how to use your devices – among many other important things.

Learning about your devices

A large part of the hearing aid fitting appointment will include learning all about our new devices. From things like care and maintenance, to proper insertion and removal, your hearing aid fitting will be the perfect time for you to ask any questions you have regarding your new devices.

Your audiologist will more than likely use a mirror to show you how to properly insert and remove your devices. Depending which model you selected, this may involve resting your hearing casing behind your ear or inserting the device completely into your ear canal. You can rest assured your audiologist will help you while you learn how to put them in and out, so you will be confident when doing this at home.

Additionally, your audiologist will talk to you about the proper care and maintenance of your hearing aids. Because hearing aids are incredibly advanced, but delicate, pieces of technology, they require a few simple daily cleaning steps to keep them working in optimal shape. If you need to use any tools or brushes to keep your hearing aids in tip-top condition, your audiologist will show you the proper ways to use them.

Getting your devices fitted

In addition to learning about your hearing aids, your audiologist will also insert them into your ear and program them according to the results of your hearing test. They will then conduct a few more hearing tests, such as a real ear measurement, with and without your hearing aids in to determine the best programming and settings for your devices.

The goal of having your hearing aids programmed is to ensure you will get the most out of them during your everyday life, with the least amount of effort as possible. Your audiologist wants your hearing aids to be easy for you to wear, this means helping program them so they switch between different sound environments seamlessly.

After your hearing aids have been properly fitted, your audiologist will provide you with a schedule to wear them during the next two weeks to one month. This will help you become accustomed to hearing all the sounds around you again, while also allowing you to note any environment or sound situation where your hearing aids may be working less than desirably. These issues will be handled at a follow-up appointment with your audiologist.

Your hearing aid fitting is an exciting time and you should be looking forward to hearing again! Talk with your audiologist about any questions or concerns you may have.