Despite proper maintenance, sometimes our hearing aids need that professional touch. There are specific issues that can occur with your hearing device that will require your audiologist. We are going to look at today at a few of these issues and what to listen out for.

Feedback Issues

As many of us know, feedback issues with a hearing device can be highly irritating. Generally speaking, if you get a feedback issue on more than a single occasion, it will be time to visit your audiologist.

Feedback issues can be caused by relayed sound bouncing in the ear canal back to the hearing device. Alternatively, the noise can have other causes. 

The interference can also arise should the hearing device be ill-fitted. The direct cause will still be a reflected sound. This time though the sound will be reflected due to its pathway.

Another issue that can cause this sound is the adjoining tube that some hearing devices have to connect the aid to the earmold. From time to time, shrinkage can occur. This will require a replacement by your audiologist.

Having feedback issues addressed quickly by your audiologist can prevent permanent damage to the device caused by the interference.

Water Damage

When it comes to water damage, this is actually a rather frequent issue that occurs and would require the immediate attention of the audiologist.

Water damage is not just caused when the hearing device is dropped into water. The most frequent occurrence is actually caused by sweat or humidity. For those living in warmer climates, the hotter months can really cause issues with hearing aids.

When talking of warmer climates, one should always be careful too. Heat exposure can cause issues that will require the assistance of a professional.

It is always advised for those living in warmer climates to regularly visit their audiologist for maintenance and cleaning. They will be able to help keep the hearing device in top condition.

Extreme Corrosion

One of the most fragile things in your hearing device is the battery. The introduction of more or less any foreign body could cause corrosion.

If you find, even with regular maintenance that your batteries corrode regularly, you could have a more serious underlying issue with the device.

Visiting your audiologist will be the only option to ensure that this issue is dealt with quickly. You should be on the lookout for unusual build-ups of white powder. If the housing of the battery feels moist. You should seek professional assistance.  

Ignoring this for longer than necessary can result in permanent damage to your entire device and not just the housing of the battery.

Overall maintenance of your hearing device is essential for you to get the best from it. In any situation, at your first opportunity, you should visit your audiologist. 

Your audiologist will always be happy to assist and should your device require repairs. They will not only repair but also advise on the best ways to prevent this from happening in the future.