Hearing aids are incredible devices. However, because of their size and the technology packed into them, they can also be delicate. In fact, there are a number of things that can happen that result in necessary hearing aid repairs. Hearing aid repairs can be extremely helpful. But, they can also be pricey, especially if your device has suffered extensive damage or been exposed to water. So it is a good idea to know the common hearing aid problems that can cause a need for repairs.

Knowing these problems can help you to avoid them. It can also help you to know that you may need repairs if they happen to you. Here are some of these common problems.

1. No sound

If no sound is coming out of your hearing aids, this is obviously a major problem. No sound could be caused by something simple, such as the volume accidentally being turned all the way down. However, if you inspect your hearing aid and you check all the basics, and sound is still not coming out, then it probably means that there is a more serious issue. This means you will probably need a repair.

2. Loose battery door

If the battery door is loose on your hearing aid, then this can cause them to not work as they should. This is because it can cause the batteries to fall out of place, which can have a negative impact on the performance of the device. If you believe this is happening to your hearing aids, you should have an audiologist look at them. They may be able to fix it, but repairs may also be necessary.

3. Obvious damage

Obvious damage such as cracks, scrapes or broken parts are often a great indication that you probably need to get your hearing aids repaired. This kind of damage can occur if you repeatedly drop your hearing aid, if you step on it or if something similar occurs. This kind of damage can be extremely difficult to fix by yourself and it can often cause your hearing aid to malfunction. Further, oftentimes audiologists will not be able to fix it. So you may need professional repairs if your hearing aids have obvious damage.

If you notice any of the hearing aid problems above and can’t troubleshoot them at home, schedule an appointment with your audiologist. Your audiologist will be able to evaluate your hearing aids and determine if any repairs are required. Most audiologists can perform simple and minor hearing aid repairs onsite; so talk with your professional to find out what your device needs.