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Hearing Rehabilitation Program

If you recently bought hearing aids, upgraded your hearing aids, or have worn hearing aids for a long time, you are already aware of the time and effort it takes to get used to the new noises in your environment. Adjusting to amplification can be challenging. It is a process. In this case, a hearing rehabilitation program may be beneficial. This type of rehab program is what audiologists refer to as a guided learning and listening therapy program.

The key to successfully enhancing your hearing and listening abilities is to develop good habits and practice listening techniques. We understand that it might be challenging to find a listening therapy course that can be completed at home or online. Due to a lack of access to audiologists, some people with hearing loss may never have learned the fundamentals of aural rehabilitation.

Cary Audiology offers patients Dusty Jessen’s 5 Keys Program regarding communication strategies.

I got fitted with new hearing aids, what’s next?

After acquiring a new set of hearing aids, you may have been told to wear your hearing aids every day to get used to the new noises. Realistically speaking, this is easier said than done, and to be honest, there’s more to acclimatization than just “wearing” your hearing aids daily.

The adjustment process to the noisy environment might be challenging. You’ve been shown how to put on your hearing aids, how to insert or charge the batteries, and what goes into routinely cleaning them. But why do you still have a nagging feeling that you might be missing something or doing something incorrectly? 

It can be frustrating to have to learn how to navigate your hearing aids when you’re an adult with a full schedule of daily activities. However, because hearing is so crucial to your quality of life, it’s essential that you build excellent habits and routines from the start of your hearing aid journey.

Aural rehabilitation may just be what you NEED.

Aural Rehabilitation: Let us help YOU

Getting fitted with hearing aids and bringing them home from the audiologist is not the end of your hearing health journey – it’s actually the beginning of something greater. You need to retrain your brain and motivate yourself to learn effective communication skills with your new hearing devices.

Our goal for you is to gain more independence and freedom, develop a happier attitude toward life, engage in more social activities, and engage in more social activities. We can help you do that through our aural rehabilitation program.


At Cary Audiology, we offer group aural rehabilitation/hearing aid orientation classes.  These classes are offered on a monthly basis and are open to individuals recently fitted with hearing aids and their family and/or significant other.  The focus of these classes is typically on adjusting to amplification, listening and communication strategies, and assistive listening devices, including Bluetooth connectivity. 

Why You Should Always Wear Your Hearing Aids

Several studies have linked untreated hearing loss to dementia, depression, and social isolation. This is why we highly encourage our patients to wear and use their hearing aids regularly, practicing listening and communicating as soon as possible.

We want you to understand that getting fitted with hearing aids doesn’t automatically make hearing better. You still need to put in some effort to re-train your brain to effectively use all of the sounds it hears, even if you’re fortunate enough to have hearing aids that were fitted by an audiologist who followed best practices.

5 Keys Online Communication Training Program

Despite the incredible advancements in hearing aid technology, the fact remains that hearing aids are only one piece of the communication puzzle. We all process information differently and have unique communication needs and abilities. 

To help you learn to hear better, particularly in difficult listening environments, we are proud to offer an excellent program called the 5 Keys Communication Program. This online program is designed to help you overcome frustrations associated with hearing loss and is aimed at improving listening and communication strategies.

Through a series of weekly emails, you will learn the 5 Keys to Communication Success.  These quick and fun eLessons will teach you how to apply the 5 Keys to your most difficult listening situations.  Each tip will also include helpful information about the care and use of your hearing aids as well as other important resources.  This valuable resource is available to all of our patients.

Hearing Rehabilitation Program in Cary, NC

At Cary Audiology, we understand that there’s more to hearing aid success than simply wearing a hearing aid and proudly using it every day. Learning about the best strategies and understanding how to best manage hearing loss plays a big role in appreciating and maximizing the immense benefits of hearing aids.

The Dusty Jessen’s 5 Keys Program is more than just a hearing rehabilitation program, it’s an implementation program filled with practical life skills intended for hearing aid users. 

Are you ready to level up your hearing aid journey? Contact us today to schedule an appointment!