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Cary Audiology Associates is Cary’s premier hearing care provider, offering comprehensive audiology services and hearing solutions for patients of all ages. From comprehensive diagnostic medical tests and earwax removal to hearing aid fitting, our services ensure that you are getting excellent and personalized hearing care.

Hearing Tests

A hearing test allows us to evaluate how your ears function. Cary Audiology provides comprehensive audiological evaluations for any type of hearing concern. Our services include diagnostic medical tests that can determine if the hearing loss is due to a medical condition or other factors including noise exposure, genetics, or the normal aging process. In addition to diagnostic evaluations, we also conduct functional hearing assessments to determine how you function in the “real world”.

When assessing hearing, we must look from ear to brain as the ears detect sound, but it is the brain that processes it. All hearing tests performed at Cary Audiology are performed by board-certified audiologists.

Tinnitus Evaluation

Tinnitus is commonly referred to as “ringing in the ears.” It is a perception of sound without an actual external source. Tinnitus is not limited to “ringing” as it can also manifest as a roaring, buzzing, clicking, or buzzing sound.

Tinnitus is more of a symptom than a disease, and since it involves the perception of sound, it is commonly linked to the hearing system. During a tinnitus evaluation, we will take a medical background check to help identify the severity of symptoms.

Common diagnostic hearing evaluations for tinnitus include Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs) and an assessment of your middle ear. We will also perform hearing tests to determine the pitch and loudness of your tinnitus.

Once we get the results and identify the possible cause and severity of your tinnitus, we can then start with symptom management. In most cases, patients will not need any medical treatment for their tinnitus.

However, for patients who are greatly affected by tinnitus, we may recommend some masking techniques with the help of hearing aids, sound maskers, or similar devices. If hearing loss is identified, hearing aids can be recommended to help with hearing while additionally providing tinnitus relief. 

Earwax Removal

Earwax is a natural body secretion whose main purpose is to lubricate and protect the ears from dirt, bacteria, and other foreign objects. Contrary to the common notion, earwax does not have to be cleaned out every day. You can clean the outer ears with a soft cloth or towel, but earwax generally does not require maintenance.

When the body produces too much earwax, then it can be bothersome. Impacted earwax can cause itchiness, muffled hearing, tinnitus, or even vertigo. In these cases, a visit to an audiologist is necessary so that an ear checkup can be performed. 

Professional earwax removal using the right tools and techniques is the safest way to get rid of earwax. Using cotton buds, ear candles, or other sharp instruments is highly discouraged because it may only push the wax deeper into the ear canal and cause further complications.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing aid fitting at Cary Audiology involves prescription-based programming to meet a patient’s specific hearing requirements. To ensure that the hearing requirements are met as closely as possible, we use real-ear measurements to verify that the devices are accurately programmed. Our audiologists will also be assessing the subjective benefit of the hearing aid(s) using our Client-Oriented Scale of Improvement (COSI).

Before you leave the clinic with your new hearing aids, we will explain the basics of how to use them, including how to remove and insert them, how to change or charge the batteries, and how to clean and maintain the devices.

We highly encourage our patients to bring a family member or a friend during the hearing aid fitting so they can help remember all the information and provide support during the adjustment period.

Real Ear Measurement

As part of our goal to provide the best possible hearing care, we use real-ear measurement testing to verify that the hearing aids prescribed to our patients are accurately programmed. Through real ear measurement, we can confidently boost the chance of success and ensure that you are getting the most out of your hearing device.

Regular programming and adjustments are part of hearing aid maintenance. Cary Audiology offers real ear measurements not only during the first hearing aid fitting but also during follow-up appointments. 

Sensorineural Hearing Loss Treatment

Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when the cells of the inner ear get damaged. Noise exposure and genetics are the most common causes of sensorineural hearing loss. This is the most common form of permanent hearing loss.

Can sensorineural hearing loss be fixed?

Surgery and medication can not repair the damage caused by sensorineural hearing loss. However, surgery can bypass the damaged cells. Hearing aids are the primary treatment to address sensorineural hearing loss. In some cases, cochlear implants or bone-anchored hearing aids may be an alternative.

Meniere’s Disease Treatment

Meniere’s disease affects the inner ear and can lead to hearing loss, dizzy spells, vertigo, or tinnitus. Generally, Meniere’s disease affects only one ear.  Meniere’s disease is usually linked to an imbalance of the fluid in the inner ear. Therefore, diuretics are the most commonly prescribed medication for Meniere’s disease. 

For Meniere’s disease with hearing loss, hearing aids may be recommended. 

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