Like most technology in your everyday life, your hearing aids will have a certain amount of time before they require an upgrade. Although they may be carrying out their job, you may be missing out on some important features if you don’t upgrade sooner rather than later. When you buy hearing aids you probably have between three to seven years before you need to start looking for a newer model.

The specific lifespan of your hearing aids completely depends on your lifestyle and how much wear and tear they have been through. If you’re unsure whether your hearing aids need to be upgraded, consider the following three signs.

Your Health or Hearing Has Changed

As you get older it is completely normal to experience changes in your hearing or your health. If you have any questions regarding changes in your hearing or health you should speak to your audiologist for further advice. If your hearing alters, you may need to upgrade your devices so that they are more well-suited to your current needs. Your hearing may change to the point that goes beyond the range of your current hearing aids, so a more powerful instrument may be required. Once you have invested in new hearing aids that have stronger capabilities you will be much more comfortable.

Altered Lifestyles

Sometimes your hearing aids can start to deteriorate if you carry out activities that need a device. If you undergo any big lifestyle changes, you should talk to your audiologist so they can provide the best possible solution. Whether you need to hear music because you go dancing regularly or you now enjoy horseback riding, there are a number of reasons to upgrade your hearing aids.

Technological Advancements

Having the latest technology for your hearing devices is an appealing prospect, especially when you can do so much with them nowadays. Just a few years ago, certain features weren’t available so it is only natural to feel intrigued about what you could have. Some hearing aids can connect to smartphones and apps, so that you can do even more with them.

Whether you want to listen to music, connect to Bluetooth or take phone calls using your hearing aids, there are so many interesting upgrades that are available as the years go by, all of which are extremely appealing and tempting.

Speak To Your Audiologist About Upgrading Your Hearing Aids

After reading through the reasons above, you may feel like it’s necessary to look into new models, brands and manufacturers of hearing aids. Before you begin doing research by yourself, you should speak to your audiologist who will be able to give you guidance with regards to your new hearing aids.

With their knowledge you will be able to make the best possible decision and choose the right hearing aids to suit your lifestyle. All in all, it’s important to stay on top of your hearing aid upgrades as they will do a better job when they are more well-suited to your personal needs.

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