Selecting an audiologist can be a difficult task, especially with so many options available at your fingertips. From personal recommendations to finding an audiologist online, it can be hard to be sure you’ve found the right professional.

Seeking treatment for your hearing loss or other auditory conditions is the first step to getting your health back on track. Here are some of the signs your audiologist will go the extra distance to ensure your hearing health is in optimal shape.

1. Personal recommendation

Checking with people who have already used the service is a great way to sort fact from fiction. You’ll learn about those intangible things, such as how patient or considerate the audiologist is of an individual’s need.

If someone you know has already had a positive experience with the audiologist you’re seeing, it’s a very good sign you’ve found the right one.

2. Online reviews

Another source of feedback (both good and bad) is online reviews. These may be testimonials on the clinic’s website or those left on independent review sites such as Google.

A top tip with this one: Don’t just look at the star rating. Take time to read the full reviews to see exactly what the highs and lows are.

3. Helpful reception staff

Was booking your appointment a pleasant experience?

Remember, the attitude of the reception staff is often a good reflection of the character of the practice. It’s a great sign if the receptionist was patient and helpful, and went out of their way to explain everything clearly. This indicates the audiologist understands how daunting the visit may seem, and shows an encouraging approach to client care.

4. Your questions answered

Visiting the audiologist is a new experience for you, so expect to have plenty of questions. You know you’ve made a good choice when those questions are not only encouraged, but also answered with care and patience.

5. Encouragement and support

You can rest assured you’ve chosen the right audiologist if the practice suggested bringing a friend or family member to the appointment. Having a support person at your first appointment with an audiologist means there were two pairs of ears to take in all the information, as well as another person to help describe your symptoms. It shows they have a genuine interest in fully engaging with your needs.

6. Easy access

And last but not least, if the clinic answers their phone and responds to emails promptly, you can be confident they pride themselves on accessibility and communication. This gives timely reassurance because if you have any issues further down the line, there will be someone there to answer your questions and solve the problem.