Behind the ear hearing aids are one of the most common types on the market right now. Many people who have hearing aids opt for this choice for several reasons, one of these being that it is the traditional option. In this article, we are going to be looking at behind the ear hearing aids, what they do and some of the benefits of choosing them. Keep reading to find out more.

Comfortable fit

The first thing that is important to note is that behind the ear hearing aids are comfortable to wear. While they used to be slightly larger in size, in recent years they have become slimmer and sleek to give the wearer the best possible look while doing so. While they are visible, they are nowhere near what they used to be, which is why they are still a popular choice among the general public. Your audiologist will be able to recommend whether they think that this is the right choice for you, or whether you should consider other options depending on your level of hearing loss. 

High quality sound

Behind the ear hearing aids also provide high-quality sound to the wearer. You might be wondering how this provides such high-quality sound when it is sitting on the outside of the ear and this is a great question. While the microphone sits on top of your ear, the receiver is connected to this through a clear, thin tube. This tube is placed inside of your ear, which helps to route the sounds around you. This combination of having a part on the outer ear and having a part inside the ear comes together to provide high-quality sound to anyone who wears them.

Easy to handle

These are one of the easiest to handle hearing aids that you will come across. Because of the way they have been designed, they don’t require you to fiddle around with getting small bits out of your ear, and you don’t have to worry about losing them once you put them down on the counter. If you are going to be changing your battery and taking out your hearing aids yourself, then this is going to be a big benefit for you. If you don’t want to spend time with little pieces of technology, and you would rather have something slightly larger than you can easily handle, then behind the ear hearing aids could be the option you are looking for.

Talk to your audiologist

Before you can decide whether these are going to be right for you, you need to talk to your audiologist. What kind of hearing aids you are going to need will depend on the level of your hearing loss? Behind the ear hearing aids are going to be effective at treating mild to severe hearing loss but they could also be effective with helping to treat tinnitus. Discuss this with your audiologist and they will be able to give you the expert advice that you need.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now know everything that you need to about behind the ear hearing aids.