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Audiologists can help you with all kinds of health problems you might be experiencing relating to your ears and hearing. If you’re not sure whether you’re problems can be helped by an audiologist, we’re going to talk about the various reasons why you might see an audiologist and what they can help you with. Find out more about that below.

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If you are suffering from tinnitus , you might be wondering if there is anything that an audiologist can do for you. Tinnitus is a constant or intermittent ringing or sound in your ears and it can have a significant impact on your life. If you are starting to experience negative impacts on your day to day living, you should

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It’s common knowledge that we should speak to our audiologist when we need help with our hearing loss. After a series of examinations and tests, they’ll typically help us by recommendation a pair of hearing aids and helping us maintain them correctly so that we can use them for a long time without damaging or even breaking them. However, a

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An appointment with your audiologist can either be an exciting or daunting time. You might be curious about what you should expect, you might have questions to ask your audiologist and you may even have concerns. Whatever the case may be, we’ve written this article to help you prepare for your first audiologist appointment and put your mind at ease.

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Given that the ears are self-cleaning and that a little wax is necessary for continued hearing health, millions of people go through life without ever needing a professional clean. When earwax buildups, otherwise known as cerumen impaction, strike, it’s vital that you seek the help of an audiologist for ear cleaning support. An audiologist can aid you through the ear

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