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The connection between our auditory system and our sense of balance is something that is well-known but often little-understood. If you have experienced hearing loss or other issues with your ears like tinnitus, you may have noticed some difficulty balancing since the onset of those problems. The reason for this is that, as well as being responsible for our hearing;

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It is quite normal to feel a little unsure about what might happen and what you might expect on your first visit to see an audiologist. For a lot of people visiting an audiologist, they will be referred there by a doctor or another specialist related to problems with hearing. However, when it comes to your audiologist appointment, it is

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An audiologist is your go-to person when you need to get your ear checked in case of any issue or discomfort. They also attend to people of any age range and administer hearing solutions such as hearing aids and other devices to address tinnitus , hearing loss, and balance disorders. Additionally, they conduct hearing exams, fit and maintain hearing aids,

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Audiologists are highly-skilled and expert medical professionals , who are responsible for the treatment and management of a number of different health conditions. To find out more about the conditions that fall under the remit of an audiologist, read on. Hearing loss  For most people, hearing loss will be the primary condition that comes to mind if asked what an

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When it comes to matters as important as your hearing health, you need to make sure you are looking for a professional with not only the required experience and qualifications but also the right qualities too. For all hearing matters, you should be seeking an audiologist. But, what sort of qualities should an audiologist have? Read on to discover everything

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