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When you visit the audiologist for a hearing test , then it may be obvious that you have concerns about your hearing. However, if you’ve never experienced one before, then you might not know what to expect or just how helpful they can be. Here, we’re going to look at a few facts about hearing tests that more patients should

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None of us thinks twice when it comes to protecting our bodies with things like healthy eating and exercise. We get vaccinations against the worst diseases and use antiseptic creams on cuts. These are logical steps we know to take for keeping ourselves safe. What far less of us realize is that precautions like these are also vital when it

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Hearing loss often develops gradually, making the person with the condition one of the last people to actually recognize it. The aging process can cause a number of changes to your hearing ability, but that doesn't mean that you can’t notice symptoms earlier: especially if your friends have pointed it out to you. Hearing loss is very common, affecting a

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Tinnitus is a prevalent symptom of a wide range of underlying conditions. Most of us experience tinnitus at some time in our lives. Every time we go from a noisy environment like a nightclub or a concert into a quiet space, we may hear the familiar ringing and roar of tinnitus. When we have a particularly stressful day at work

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Are your hearing aids not functioning as they should be? Here are clear signs that you do need to consider a hearing aid repair .  The sound is distorted You might find that when you use your hearing aids the sound comes through distorted. You might hear a buzzing or whistling noise. If you suffer from tinnitus, then this could

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