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Has your hearing been playing up lately? Perhaps things sound a bit muffled or maybe there’s a constant ringing in your ears? If so, then you need to book a hearing test right away. In fact, even if your hearing seems perfectly fine, a hearing test can help you learn about the true health or your ears. Most people assume

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There is an array of different hearing aid styles on the market today. It’s important to take a comprehensive look at your options and understand precisely what to expect from each of the different instruments. Behind-the-ear hearing aids Behind-the-ear hearing aids - known as BTE hearing aids - are a traditional type of device that many older people will recognize

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You wouldn’t spend the cash on a designer watch and then dive into a swimming pool. It’s not a good use of your timepiece and it’s a good way for it to break. In the same way, you wouldn’t step into a shower wearing your hearing aids, knowing that this could cause them to malfunction. When it comes to hearing

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Given that the ears are self-cleaning and that a little wax is necessary for continued hearing health, millions of people go through life without ever needing a professional clean. When earwax buildups, otherwise known as cerumen impaction, strike, it’s vital that you seek the help of an audiologist for ear cleaning support. An audiologist can aid you through the ear

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Finding out that you need hearing aids can be a scary moment, but the hearing care provider is there to make the transition as smooth as it can be. A successful hearing aid fitting is one of the most significant factors. Before visiting the audiologist to get fitted, it’s essential to remove the sense of unknowing. The answers to the

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