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Most people do not fully appreciate the impact that loud noises can have on their future hearing loss. It can become easy to take your hearing for granted until it is too late. To protect against hearing loss , it is important to protect your ears from loud noises. Avoiding loud noises and environments is great, but cannot always be

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For adults, identifying the early signs of hearing loss and making an appointment with an audiologist can sometimes be a bit tricky – but it is generally something that the individual in question can address of their own initiative. When it comes to children who are experiencing hearing loss, however, it falls to the parents to identify the tell-tale signs

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If you need to see a hearing health professional , the first step is always to find the best possible specialist available for you. If you take a look at the Internet, you will see that there are many different hearing health professionals to choose from and this can be a bit overwhelming. This is why you need to know

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Hearing loss affects almost a third of the population at some point in their lives, although it’s more common in older people. Your hearing function is complex and can be affected in various ways. To find out what might be causing your hearing loss, look at the most common causes. Aging The vast majority of people who experience hearing loss

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When people first experience hearing loss, they’re eager to know whether their hearing function can be regained. In most cases, the cause of your hearing loss will determine what treatment is appropriate and whether you can regain your natural hearing function.  In order to assess the extent of your hearing loss and the cause of the issue, your audiologist will

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