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Custom Ear Protection in Garner, NC

Cary Audiology offers custom ear protection in Garner, NC, and nearby locations.

If you are exposed to loud noises while working or doing other activities, you run a higher chance of acquiring hearing loss (more than 85 dB). The delicate hair cells in your inner ear can suffer serious harm from extremely loud sounds and noises. Hearing protection is a good way to protect your hearing, but if you desire a higher level of protection, custom ear protection is a better alternative.

Who can benefit from custom ear protection?

Anyone who spends a lot of time in noisy environments, such as target shooters, motorcycle riders, pilots, musicians, construction workers, and industrial workers, needs to wear custom ear protection. The truth is, anyone who is exposed to noise needs to wear hearing protection to safeguard their hearing over the long run.

Why use custom ear protection?

Custom ear protection, like earplugs and earmolds, gives optimum protection and a cozy fit that is made especially for your ears. There are store-bought earplugs but they may only provide partial protection. 

Custom ear protection is created specifically to fit the specific shape of your ear, as the name suggests. They provide you with a greater sense of security by ensuring that your ears are getting the strongest possible defense against hearing loss.

Custom ear protection at Cary Audiology – Garner, NC

There are unique custom ear protection that suits your requirements, no matter your lifestyle. Audiologists at Cary Audiology can help determine the best option for you.

Custom sleep plugs

People who want to drown out noises in their surroundings while they sleep, such as snoring, frequently use “sleep plugs.” Simply insert the earplugs into your ears before you go to sleep to experience a peaceful, rejuvenating slumber free from snoring or other disturbances that used to keep you awake.

Custom swim plugs

Other ear protection methods can also be customized, such as earplugs for swimmers. Swim plugs help prevent water from getting into the ears while submerged. Due to their ability to prevent water from entering and remaining in the ear, these are especially helpful for people who have persistent ear infections.

Hunters custom ear protection

Hunter’s plugs, in contrast to passive protection, can prevent low-level sounds but can also dampen gunshots. Enjoy increased situational awareness and the capacity to carry on regular conversations while still being shielded from the sound of gunshots.

Musician’s earplugs

Musicians have particular requirements for hearing protection. They must clearly hear their own music along with the melody and voices of the other musicians, while also protecting their hearing.

Traditional store-bought earplugs can help protect   However, they frequently offer musicians too much security, muzzling speech and sound in the process. They make voices and music sound incredibly muddy and artificial. Musicians do not need this type of hearing protection.

Most musicians need custom ear protection from the mid to low-frequency range.  The depth of these earplugs enables the earmold to seal inside the bony part of the ear canal. This snug fit lessens “occlusion,” a hollow or boomy sound in the musician’s own voice that can occasionally be heard with less effective earplugs.  Due to the high-quality sound of custom ear protection, they enable musicians to hear their best during practice and live performances.

Custom Ear Protection in Garner, NC

Whether you need custom hearing protection for hunting, swimming, or other occupational or leisure activities, Cary Audiology has a pair of hearing protection for you. Contact us today to learn more about custom ear protection in Garner, NC.